Prevention of women's health

Workshop on prevention of women's health were held in the settlement time and fancy calibre de cartier fake Kozari Center, a beneficiary in private facilities, which organized the workshop. Maintenance workshop aims to show, after the introduction, to adapt to users, so as to choose the theme of the workshop were to make it useful for themselves.

Frequently asked questions about sexually transmitted diseases, which are the causes of disease, how to treat them, how to convey and to what extent reversible. The workshops were attended by women and various ages, ranging from 15-55 years. Considering that the Roma community is a family almost as a rule have a larger number of children, many questions related to the behavior of girls in the age of puberty, how to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and so on.

The lectures were divided and materials for additional training. There was a special word about the "Klamidijskoj infection", which noted that the most widespread sexually transmitted disease, especially among adolescents. Processed symptoms of the disease, but emphasized that this disease is very common and asymptomatic, and rolex cellini fake for men that can obolijevati men.

It was pointed out also that the disease affects mostly young girls under the age of 19 years, and especially the vulnerable groups who engage in early sexual relationships. The Roma community in the early pillars of cohabitation, but sometimes at the age of thirteen years, often because without their consent (Arranged marriages). There was much discussion about medicine in a primary beneficiary of the request themselves.