And we do have dreams, don't take away our future

Although the situation at the present time something positive is still a problem that is young and we have snoveRomkinje, because of excellent audemars piguet fake us their lack of information and (if) the fear can not stand their parents, relatives and the like. If you are not allowed to get acquainted with some of the information, and still can not confront the threats of the parents themselves, for example, that she would never get into the house, he would not give up. There are instances when threatened, "if we osramotiš" or "if you do not go there where you say to me" that threatens even murder!

When thinking of prominent examples, it is hard to nekoj odbelieve that this happened to someone. Unfortunately, the fact is that it almost everyday in the lives of Roma. We believe and we believe that the situation can change, if you continually work on educating and pointing to this situation. We conclude that it is extremely important factor in changing the attitude of parents actually change their opinions, which affects the whole family, and beyond. Changing that attitude we want to cause a chain reaction that will generate a better future for young women.

And we have snoveTako has organized a round table attended by a large number of social workers from all the counties in which the Roma are represented, and these were representative of the Office of Human Rights, Ministry of Science, Education and Sports and representatives of various associations. All participants, we tried to introduce the importance of these issues and intolerance of child marriages, or even sending a juvenile Roma abroad.

Celebrity is a sad fact that social workers, even when they know the kind of problems, not react because of the testimony of Roma parents - "it is our common law." In cooperation with representatives of related organizations have suggested the Centers for Social Welfare that in any case not tolerate juvenile marriages. Also, we advised them to organize a campaign in Roma settlements, which will highlight positive examples of families and parents with successful children who are educated and thus have to ensure a better future.

It is organized by the campaign in the steel case omega replica watches Roma settlement Kozari time, on that occasion were distributed leaflets and T-shirts with the inscription "We have dreams, do not deny us the future! Stop underage marriages and the sale of children". It is also the slogan of the campaign. The gathering was attended a large number of parents with children, where they could hear the reasons for the importance that every child has the right to education. Parents have shown interest in such projects and we intend to implement the project on the whole Croatian territory.