Summer school

For several years, organizing a summer school for Roma children and youth from all over the Croatian. In summer school, all students have the opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Roma. For this approach to the topic we chose for remarkable blancpain fake watches children and young people who have expressed interest in exploring the history of their community, traditions, culture, traditions ...

With summer school children and youth with each other, exchange experiences, learn from each other during a diversity celebration of various holidays and traditions of Roma Gypsies who have during the various ceremonies. This issue sounds very simple, but if we take into account the diversity of Roma in the Croatian territory, then we come to know how oniLjetna schools using two languages - Novels chib and Limba de bajash. Also, we have the Rome Catholic, Orthodox and Islamic faiths. It is clear therefore that this topic is very much comprehensive. In the last three years we had both local and foreign lecturers, mostly they were Roma representatives who spoke about the tradition in their neighborhood.

Every day on the schedule were three classes in which the group actively participated actively participirajući after each exposure. We had, too, and group work in which the stunning omega replica watches uk participants themselves presented what they learned. Apart from being taught about their own minorities, children and young people are occupied with other activities, they played volleyball, swam, played soccer, participated in a series of painting workshops and other activities.

We hope that the summer school to become a regular annual tradition with which we will entertain children and adolescents, which along with fun and learn some important information about the minority, and most importantly - accept diversity. Because diversity unites us.