The affirmation of youth and training of trainers

Although the association better future primarily deals with the issue of Roma women, very alarming situation of young people in general led us to organize a series of projects for education and prevention on various topics. The affirmation of young people and training new educators are our projects which are intended for young best audemars piguet copy watches people to acquire basic knowledge of the issues we are talking about. This will use the knowledge and assistance to be more and better represented in public and political activities and thus provide a greater contribution to help the local community and environment.

The projects were implemented as workshops and seminars for youth, who participated in gruponom work, which requires an active attitude of the participants. Such work is so far proved the most interesting young people and is very effective. Workshops and seminars are contained topics related to the work of NGOs and the needs of Roma in Croatia, ie the construction and operation of state and local authorities, human rights and their implementation. Were organized and two of which Croatia has signed. It is the National Programme for Roma and the Decade 2005 - 2015, minority rights, their application in practice and the like.

Each person in the group that the bold panerai radiomir replica project had passed the task, either individually or in collaboration with others, to organize a particular action in their own environment to develop communication and presentation skills in practice, and also increases their confidence about their own work in the community. The duration of each project is one year and is carried out continuously, but depending on available resources.